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Just west of The Jug on William Street is the site of one of our favorite lunchtime hangouts (at least during the 50's) - Deerlick Dairy.  The building has been torn down but was just to the right of this building which, over the years, has been Kroger's and Rohrs Furniture.  Deerlick was torn down along with the house on the corner which housed the K of C Lodge. The Delaware Country Bank drive through is on the corner now.

While we're still on the subject of things to eat, the old Buns Restaurant sign (the original)  was still hanging over West Winter Street in September, 1998.  It has been replaced with a new one. (Thanks, again,  to Judy Rosebrough for the current picture.)

From the 1936 DELHI . . . . .

The three-story building on the right brings back some thoughts.  It's on the corner of Sandusky and Central Avenue (that's the courthouse to the right).  My earliest recollection is Sullivan's Western Auto.  And the third floor is where I took cornet lessons from Mr. Fitchhorn and played in his 4-H band.  Apparently sometime between 1936 and the early 50's,  he quit teaching band at Willis and went out on his own.  He invented the Songflute for starting band with elementary students.

If you haven't been back to Delaware for awhile and are wondering why all the construction barrels, the City was removing all the flowering trees that were planted during the '70's.  Seems they got a little bigger than expected!  This picture is from September, 1998,  when both sides of Sandusky Street were torn up at the same time from one end of town to the other.  The picture on the next page says it all.  However, according to an unnamed source, it's all back together again now, with new trees and new sidewalks.

More Around Town

Thanks to Dick Browning for this picture of Buns circa 1930's.  Looks pretty much as I remember it in the 40's and 50's.  Anyone else remember Winter Street Drugs?  I think it was where the awning is in this picture.  I remember the floor to ceiling cases and it smelled like a medicine cabinent.

From the 1954 DELHI . . . . .

The old library on North Sandusky still looks the same--only it isn't the library anymore!  It houses county offices and 911 Service.

The new library is on East Winter Street where I remember Albers Grocery to be.

Thanks to Judy Rosebrough for both pictures.