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Around Town Yesterday . . . .

Well, it seems like just yesterday, doesn't it?

And do you remember Klein's Department Store?  I figure it would have been located just south of where the awning is sticking out on the right side of the street. How about Sell's Stationery Store across the street.  Only place in town to get "approved" school supplies.  Going back to the '40's, Winship Sporting Goods was on the right, next to the alley.  I think it became a dress shop in later years.

From the 1936 DELHI . . . . .

After looking at Sandusky Street from the north, now step back in time and look at it from the south, circa 1947.

How many of us remember  hot salty red-skin peanuts in the shell purchased from Red's Peanut Stand (at end of red pointer)? The stand was located in front of 7 N. Sandusky, about in front of Isaly's.  It was owned and operated by Forrest W. "Red" Showalter who lived at 7-1/2 N. Sandusky.  Red was crippled by some disease.

I remembered the peanuts and the stand, but not the details.  Thanks to Paul Krause and Dick Browning for filling in the gaps and to Dick Browning for the picture.

Thanks again to Dick Browning for this shot of the same corner which he took from the roof of City Hall in the mid to late 50's.  We probably all remember TPR's (Toasted Pecan Rolls) at the LK.

Note that the peanut stand is gone.  By the way, remember The News Shop?  It was just up the street from Isaly's.  It still exists today, but is a mere shadow of itself.  Bet all of us played a record or two in the booths.

From the 1954 DELHI . . . . .

Guess my unnamed source was right.  Unlike Humpty-Dumpty, they did get the town back together again!