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The old post office on South Sandusky Street still looks the same, but now it is the Humphreys Art Building and belongs to Ohio Wesleyan.  The hill seemed a lot  more steep in my memory.  I remember drag racing down the hill and if you hit the light right at the bottom, you could race all the way to William Street.

The Pennsylvania Avenue entrance to the fairgrounds looks pretty much the same as it always did. (Thanks to Judy Rosebrough for this current picture.)  Which reminds me of The Little Brown Jug, which reminds me of The Brown Jug Restaurant.

Today "The Jug", as it is affectionately known, is located on West William Street just west of Sandusky Street. For most of us, during our school days, it was on Sandusky Street and this building was the home of The Peoples Store and Zack Davis Seed Company.

Anyone remember the pneumatic tube system in the Peoples Store?  No, wait--it was  Heseltines (later Uhlmans) on Winter Street. The cashier was on the first floor.  Clerks on the mezzanine sent your bill and your money down through the tube and your change and receipt came back the same way.

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From the 1936 DELHI . . . . .

*****2010 UPDATE******

Ron Gabriel, class of '54, surprised us the other day with news concerning Delaware and, specifically, The Hamburger Inn.  For his update, click HERE.