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The Black-eyed Susan

Oh, we love the Black-eyed Susan,

Tho humble flower it be,

And we'll often make allusion

To the flower whose charms we see;

For fond mem'ries it will kindle,

Nor honor shall it lack,

For it stands as nature's symbol

Of "The Orange and the Black."

In those dear old days of high school,

Drinking at the mystic spring,

Where we lived by gong and schedule

In school-life's enchanted ring,

Clinging to our alma mater,

We shielded from attack,

The banner of our colors,

Of "The Orange and the Black."

When we've won our senior laurels

And our high school days are o'er,

A yearning swells within us,

For the bell we hear no more,

When life's cares shall have enthralled us,

Our hearts will wander back,

To the days when that bell called us,

To "The Orange and the Black."

--Hazel McCreary


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