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Ray Felts retired in 1974 after 40 years of teaching math and serving as head of that department at Willis, and later Hayes High School.  He turned 91 on June 5, 2000.  All of his

students no doubt recall "New Occasions Teach New Duties."

Mr. Felts passed away June 28, 2000

Tom Slasor taught Chemistry, Physics, and 8th  Grade Science from 1955 or 56 through 1959.  He went to Amityville, New York and earned his Masters in Nuclear Physics in the early 60's.  Born in 1926, he is now retired and living in his mountain home in rural West Virginia.  He was one of those unique teachers who motivated kids to learn rather than try to spoon feed from a prepared lesson plan.

Mr. Slasor passed away March 9, 2004 in Ocala, Florida to where he moved in 1999.

Dick Galleher taught geography, science, and, we believe, world history.  He graduated with a B.A. from Ohio Wesleyan and was at Willis from 1942 to 1947.  He went to the service in '47, but returned to Willis in 1950.  This picture is from the 1950 Delhi.  In 1950 he was Head Track Coach and Assistant Football Coach.   He is widowed from his second wife and resides in Parma, Ohio.  He enjoys woodworking and rumor has it, he's pretty good at it, too!

Virginia Klein taught Dramatics and Music in the mid 1940's. (This picture is from the '45 Delhi.) She left Willis and went back to Cleveland where she became Mrs. Mel Gerstner.  She and her husband opened a business selling costumes for all sorts of dramatic activities in the Cleveland area.  Her son, Bob, is now a trustee of OWU. She and her husband now reside in Granville, Ohio and she'd love to get email from any of her former students.  Her address is


Margaret Peirsol taught Arithmetic, Home Ec and Health in the late 30's to mid 40's.  In about 1948, she went to work as a statistician in Washington, D.C. with the US Forest Service.She was later transferred to Columbus and , finally, to Delaware Forest  Service Research station where she retired in 1978.  The computer she used in her work was the size of a living room and she became literate in Fortran.  (Thanks to Deb Peirsol Barger, her niece, for the information.)    10/7/00

Miss Peirsol passed away at the Delaware Court Health Care Center Monday evening, Dec. 17, 2001.  She was born Jan. 20, 1911, in Delaware.                                                            12/23/01

Robert "Bob" Burgett, phys ed teacher in the 40's left the Delaware school system and taught in Columbus, Ohio.  Then he retired to Florida.  He and his wife now live near their younger son in Mobile, Alabama.  (Thanks to June (Snow)Cochran, Class of '45 for the information.  She is married to Mr. Burgett's cousin.