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What ever became of the class of  1960?

Dan Hursey is music director for a church in Fairfield, Connecticut.  His choir has toured the country and has even recorded a CD. He is also music teacher for grades 1-4 in the New Canaan Public Schools.

We all know that Rick Scarry is in California appearing in movies and television.  (To see what he looks like today, go to his website which is accessible from the Willis Alumni Page.)

Carol Norris and Bill Rapp have been married about 40 years!  They have two grown sons.  After 30+ years in the corporate world and living in eight states, they purchased 160 acres and built a cattle ranch in west Georgia.  Bill is employed at the local high school and Carol is a farmer's wife. They raise 70 angus cows a year, have their dream home and their youngest son lives on the property with his son.  Sort of like the Waltons, Carol says.  They keep very busy, but get back to Delaware about twice a year.