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What ever became of the class of  1948?

After high school, Richard L. Jackson spent two years in the army serving in Yokohama, Japan.  He graduated from Ohio Wesleyan with a B.A. in 1953, after which he spent two years in Germany with the Air Force.  Then he got his M.A. in Sociology from Ohio State in 1957.  He has worked for Union Carbide, Rockwell International, Duke University, Winchester Medical Center and retired as Senior Vice President from St. Johns Medical Center in Joplin, Missouri, in 1987, and returned to Delaware. He married his high school classmate, Janet Wilson, in 1951. They have five sons and thirteen grandchildren.


Whatever happened to one of Willis High's few male cheerleaders?  Well, Robert I. Foreman joined the U.S. Postal Service after high school and spent his entire career in the post office in Delaware and still lives here in retirement.  Bob and his wife, Sara, have two daughters, a son, and a grandson.