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What ever became of the class of  1941?

Bill Comstock was a member of the Four Freshmen from 1960 through 1973.  (Now known as "Group #4" of the twenty groups who have been Freshmen over the years.)  The picture at right is the CD cover for the album called Four Freshmen Day by Day. Members are left to right, bottom to top:  Bill Comstock, Ross Barbour, Ken Albers, Bob Flanigan.

Bill attended Ohio Wesleyan and served in Europe during World War II.  While with the Freshmen, he played guitar and sang "second from the top" and later, bass.  A singer/song-writer, he has 33 recorded pieces by Dinah Shore, Doris Day, Maurice Chevalier, among others. He recently participated in a 50-year Freshmen retrospective for PBS.

He has been married to Sue for 46 years and they have one son, Geoffrey.  They reside in San Antonio, Texas.