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The infamous Moat Monster!  Made from miscellaneous chrome auto parts by some OWU students, he resided in the Delaware Run just east of Sandusky Street for awhile.

Thanks to Ken Hankins, Class of  '54 for the picture.

John Crawford, Class of '59, says this is just like his car, only his was black.

Did you ever take a cab ride in Delaware about 1951?

Thanks to Judy Peterson, Class of '55, for sharing this from her Delhi collection - and thanks to Judy Rosebrough, Class of '61, for scanning it.

Remembering . . . . . .

How 'bout burgers in a basket, too?  Anyone have a picture of the A & W or Frisch's?

Another Judy/Judy contribution from the '55 Delhi.

Did you ever go to Selby Stadium to watch the fireworks on July 4th?  Or get a drink from the sulphur spring across the road from it?

Photo by Judy Rosebrough, 1999