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Class of '57 Celebrates 50th

August 9-12, 2007


Thanks to Bill Bossert for this summary of the reunion .

Here is a brief review of our reunion for the ages and for the classmates that missed the weekend..

Our 50th Reunion is now history. Every event was better than I expected. Thanks to all those who worked hard to make this event special. Moose, Jeff, Dick and Alice made the hospitality room a big success. There were over 500 pictures on poster boards.. This was a little different setting than Patrick's and the banquet. The yearbooks were given out on Thursday. Everyone seemed very proud of the 2007 edition of our yearbook. Janet, Carol and myself felt that our many hours spent on this project were worthwhile once we saw the finished product. It is a great keepsake from our reunion. Every class member that didn't attend will receive a yearbook and DVD in about a month in the mail..

The Jug was a good dinner but the other classes did not appear. Oh well, their loss..

Friday, the golf was played in a non competitive mode. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. Kenny, John Dewey and I were with four classmates and Sharon and Yvonne at the Easton Mall. It was like trying to keep track of six two year olds. WE were constantly looking for someone... I would have preferred the Zoo..

Friday night was terrific at Fran and Steve Patrick's. Their home is perfect for that occasion. The weather was good so we spent the entire evening in the back yard.

Brent Carson improved the visit of Old Willis High School with his many facts and interesting stories about our alma mater. We actually got to go into the School Board's room, etc.

The banquet was really special.. Jerry did a nice job as M.C., Patty Thomas Griffith made an outstanding program. Betty recognized our deceased classmates. The current superintendent of schools, Dr. Mary Anne Ashworth recognized Mick Seidl as one of six Delaware High School graduates to be elected to the first Distinguished Hall of Honor. Only one person was selected for this honor during a 34 year span from 1943-1977, Mick Seidl. 3 were selected from classes before 1943 and 2 after 1977. Mick's official
induction will be Oct 8, 2007 at 10 A.M. at Hayes High School Auditorium. Brent Carson gave a good talk on Delaware. Everyone will eventually receive a DVD and C/D. I heard no complaints on the food just praises. We had three entrees: prime rib of beef, marinated chicken breast and lasagne. I'm use to having only chicken at banquets. I was thrilled to have medium rare prime rib along with my chicken and lasagne. Alice spent a lot of time badgering Willow Grove and it paid off. They gave us a first class banquet.

The Sunday brunch planned by Judy Jones Appel at the Worthington Inn was  too much good food.. We
had our own private room with all 16 of us sitting around the table. It was a terrific end to a fabulous weekend. Alice must be recognized for all her hard work. Many of us wanted to have a special reunion for our 50th.. We accomplised that and I think we made Alice work harder than she has ever worked before. She dearly loves our class and was always willing to do more to make this reunion better.

If you missed the reunion, you missed one of the finest weekends ever.

Our class seems to have a special connection with each other. As Geesman says, every body cares about everybody else. It's nice to ccome back to the friendly environment of our home town.

I guess we'll give it a shot in another five years, but nothing will compare to our 50th.. We'll have to find a few new twists for the 55th to make it a special event too. If you have any ideas, let us know.. If everybody
contributes a little: money or participation or both, we can accomplish a lot. Do your share, and we will all benefit.

Thanks for all your help.. All the long hours were worth it because we had a great reunion.

Bill Bossert

Click here to see their reunion picture.