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What a wonderful weekend we all had!  Over 800 people crowded into Ohio Wesleyan's Gordin Field House, all having entered through an arch of orange and black balloons!

Brent Carson, current Willis teacher, and one of the organizers of this great event, was master of ceremonies.  The Hayes High School Singers, Hayes High School Symphonic Choir, and the Willis School Choir provided musical entertainment. 

A video created by Brent's classes was played.  Interviews with former students, teachers, and staff going back as far as the early 30's and scenes of Delaware were included.  The video may be offered for sale at a later date.  As soon as we know details, we will post them here.

Everyone liked being given permission to write notes to anyone in the room.  The Sixth Graders from Willis collected the notes and then ran around the room tracking down people and delivering the notes.  It was great fun. 

A few pictures are included here for your enjoyment.  If anyone has a good picture that they would like to share, email or send a hard copy to me and I'll be glad to post it.  (Click here to send an email for my mailing address.)





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