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1936 -  The Merchant of Venice

Kneeling:  F. Wilson, J. Darnell, M. Williams, J. Snow, K. Johnson.

Seated:  Miss Klein, M.J. Gorgas, B.L. Norris, P. Smart, R. Johnson, D. Brown, E. Hickson.

Standing:  T. McCleery,  P. Vatsures,  J. Reider, H. Hornberger, D.W. Reaney, J. Conger, B. Way, P. Smith


     Troupe 420 represents Willis High School in National Thespians . . Thespian is highest honor attained in dramatics at Willis . . . Experience in both acting and back-stage work determines eligibility. . ."Every Family Has One" in three acts was the Thespian production this year directed by Miss Klein . . . Dottie Brown served as president, Dave Reaney, vice president, Phyllis Wilson, secretary, Pete Vatsures, treasurer.

1958 -  H.M.S. Pinafore

Seated:  J.Felts, D.Mooney, L. Bayliff, H. Hearn, J. Strimer, A. Hackel, J. Allen

Standing: B. Perfect, L. Bobula, B. Lowry, B. Mackley, B. Burns, L. Carlisle, G. Opel